willow's world - 15 minutes


CNN - Spike Navy job 2001

Madtv - andy dick 2003

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Wanderlust wrap party - Jen, Paul

Wanderlust wrap party - Ken, Mark, Paul, Dick, Sean

Forgetting Sarah marshall - Mila, Ari

Inside Man - letting the robbers in

The Revenant - Natasha, Alejandro, Me, Rob, Chivo, Leo

Paul Rudd - playing with my cart

Bright - Roiman (DP)

Beyond The Flood (Revenant) - Me, Chivo

The Revenant - Rob, Me

Space Shuttle

Why Him? - Me, John Hamburg (director)

The revenant - Alejandro, me (Human tripod)

Me, Big Mike, Spike, Edye

Inside man party - Me & My Main Man Spizike

The revenant - ushuia, Argentina

My Buddy's Wedding - married Oprah's niece

Chrishaunda/Jason Wedding - Me, Luci, Oprah